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Why You Should Join Tennis

by GVHSJagJournal
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By Marissa Miczek

Hop on the courts and try tennis. Why? Tennis is not only a mentally challenging sport, but I’ve learned you can make great bonds with others. This has been my first year on the tennis team and what I’ve learned is helping me both on and off the courts.

What is Tennis?

As most of you know, tennis is typically played with a racket and a yellow tennis ball. Over the years, tennis has gained popularity, and tennis equipment can now come in different sizes, colors, and shapes for both practice and competitions. Tennis rules are relatively simple but the main idea is to hit the ball on the opponent’s side of the court after a maximum of one bounce. The basics of tennis scoring starts at love (0) then 15, 30, 40, and the game point. What makes the sport sometimes frustrating is how it challenges your mind and body. What I love is that despite the challenges, the girls tennis team has had my back through it all.

The 7 Reasons Why

  1. Accessible – The tennis courts are right by the school so the only effort you have to put in is walking down to it! The tennis team practices and hosts matches there, and we often gather by the bleachers to prepare. School buses take us to away matches at different schools and the ride is always a blast!
  2. Exercise – This is a sport that keeps the body in constant movement and high energy. The tennis team not only plays their hearts out on the courts, but trains by running, stretching, and jumping with a jump rope. No matter what athlete you are, the tennis team only brings out the best of you and supports you as well.
  3. For Anyone and Everyone – The tennis team is divided into varsity and junior varsity and no matter what experience you have, whether starting fresh or with skills, the tennis team is right for you. Even if you land in the lower spots of junior varsity, with effort and practice, many have made it to the top of varsity. Don’t be afraid if you don’t even know how to play because the tennis team is always happy to teach.
  4. Events – This is something that I would have never missed on the list. No matter what, you can expect sensational events like tie-dye, banquets, pool parties, senior day, brunches, and everything in between. Events are great times for bonding, relaxing, and celebrating with the team through all the wins and losses.
  5. Snacks – Snacks are a great treat for everyone in the heat of the season. During matches, parents volunteer to bring snacks such as chips, watermelon, sweets, and most of all you can definitely expect grapes. I would say that I couldn’t complain when being surprised with donuts and water ice. 🙂
  6. Friends – If you’re new or old to the district, you’re bound to meet great girls for sure! The tennis team has been said by many to be like a second family. The coaches support you as much as the team and can lift you up through the struggles of the sport. I can’t say how happy it makes me to say hi to my tennis friends in the hallways of high school. Even with the season over, I can gather the tennis girls and play on the weekends when I have time.
  7. Tennis – The last reason I want to add is simply tennis. If you want to play tennis, want to improve, or want to explore the entire sport, you should join! The girls tennis team welcomes any new members, I can’t say the same for the boys tennis team but I’m sure they are just as happy with any new players.

If you still aren’t convinced, just find the members of the girls tennis team themselves and find out why joining may be one of the best decisions in your life. I want to end by thanking Coach Voshell, Coach Jasper, and the entire girls tennis team for the great season. I have improved in tennis, met others, and had so much fun with it all. Congrats to all the seniors from the tennis team and I hope to see the rest of the girls next year!

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