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Garnet Valley Summer Camp

As the school year comes to a close and the summer begins the one thing that doesn’t end is the Garnet Valley Drama Club!! Starting Monday June 17th at 8:00 summer camp will begin with dancing, singing, acting, and games. For the first time ever the students will […]

Mamma Mia – Don’t Miss It

We’re getting really close to show night, and things have been going swimmingly! Since mid-March, some of the most dedicated and talented actors, dancers, and singers have been pouring their heart and souls into GVPAA’s production of “Mamma Mia”. We all like to have a little fun at […]

It Is Important to Belong

Ava Larue- Alumnus As a high school freshman, I had admired the school’s musical productions. Always too self-conscious to audition, I watched from the audience in awe. Everything about it was captivating: the lights, live music, dancing, the sets and the raw energy and risk of doing it […]

Garnet Valley High School Scheduling Update

To develop a flexible, student-centered schedule that would foster authentic and innovative learning experiences in order for ALL students to maximize their potential within Garnet Valley High School and beyond, the Garnet Valley High School administration and staff have been working in focus groups/subcommittees to best implement a […]

Mamma Mia

GV’s First Community Show, Mamma Mia is June 21-22 and June 28-29. Tickets available at gvpaa.comWe have three options to see our first community show.1. Show only $14 online and $20 at door 2. Dinner at LaFava and the Evening Shows $55 3. Senior Citizen Luncheon and the Matinee Show June […]