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SchoolJournalism Announces Winners of Annual First Amendment PSA Contest

SchoolJournalism is pleased to announce winners of the fourth annual First Amendment PSA Contest! While claiming that selecting winners was not an easy task, the organization noted that despite the current state of the world today, it received more entries than ever before. Entries had to follow several contest guidelines which included, but were not

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Should College Board Have Continued With AP Exams?

On April 3rd, College Board released official details regarding Advanced Placement (AP) exams. Typically, each exam is around 2.5-3 hours long and tests a student’s knowledge on a certain college-level subject. If one scores high enough, he/she can receive college credit and save money on tuition. Responding to the Coronavirus pandemic, College Board developed 45

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Democratic Primaries Results – March 10th

By John Teng Democratic Primaries were recently held last Tuesday, March 10, in the states of Mississippi, Missouri, Michigian, North Dakota, Idaho, and Washington. In a somewhat unexpected twist of events, Joe Biden swept through the day with 4 complete victories, clinching complete wins in Missouri, Michigan, Mississippi, and Idaho. Biden also came through leading

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