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Why Feminism?

By Jodi Lamborn Look up “What is feminism?” on Google. You’ll probably come across the dictionary definition of the word “feminism” accompanied by the correct pronunciation, a classification, a list of synonyms along with a sentence incorporating the word. Then, you click the “Show More” button and you’ll […]

The Hidden War on Sand

Sand. To some, it’s the annoying material that gets in your shoe and stays there for weeks after going to a beach. For others, it’s something that they’ll give their lives for. According to the United Nations Environment Program, 47-59 billion tons of sand and gravel are extracted […]

2016 Debates

The tone of this election has been overwhelmingly negative. The mudslinging continues to shock audiences as they watch the debates and speeches. Many viewers find Trump’s words crude and offensive. Following the release of audio where Trump brags about sexually assaulting women, many Republic politicians even pulled their […]