What’s The GVPAA Audition Process Like?

By Katie Hutchinson

Drama Club is a large part of the Garnet Valley community. A lot of effort goes into these shows to make them amazing. When people ask how to join, many do not know how they can become a member of this amazing club.

The first thing is to go to room A108 and talk to Heather Arters, the director of these shows, and ask about joining. Drama Club is all-inclusive and everyone is welcome even if you are new and have never done a show before. She will give you the date and time of the auditions for the following show. Before the actual audition, you will be given a form to fill out. It will include your name, age, height, vocal range, etc.

When you start the audition there will be a dance audition with Gina Veith, our choreographer. Then, you will be split into groups depending on the part you are auditioning for. You will sing the assigned song in a group with the others auditioning and then sing again but by yourself. If you are just auditioning for the ensemble you will not be made to sing by yourself.

When you are finished the cast list is made. No one is cut, as there is room for everyone. The cast list is published on Facebook usually that night or the day after.

Some important things to note are to be respectful during everyone’s auditions. First, be a good sport as casting is the director’s job, not yours. Second, everyone is nervous you are not alone. Before you go on take a deep breath and enjoy your audition.

Currently, the drama club is one of the biggest clubs at Garnet Valley. The show next fall is The Addams Family and the spring musical is The Newsies. We need lots of boys for these shows especially Newsies. Please contact Mrs. Arters and come join Drama Club and come see Seussical!

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