“Second Chance Summer” Book Review

By Madison Carr

Morgan Matson’s novel, Second Chance Summer, is an award-winning book that follows a young girl as she returns to her childhood vacation spot in the Poconos.

Taylor Edwards, the protagonist, struggles with running away when things get particularly tough for her family. Her father is sick, so they decide to have one last summer together. The Edwards’ travels to Lake Phoenix for the first time in five years. While Taylor was gone, all of the people she left behind, including her ex-best friend and boyfriend, were still hurt. Her summer is filled with ups and downs, but most importantly a second chance.

Second Chance Summer was Morgan Matson’s second novel. It was called “A bittersweet, powerful tale,” by Booklist. I highly recommend it if you enjoy contemporary and young adult genres. The book is filled with heartwarming and thought-provoking moments about family and forgiveness.

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