On Tuesday night the Tri-M (Modern Music Masters) honor society chapter of Garnet Valley inducted this year’s new members. Members from Band, Orchestra, and Choir that have participated in at least one of the three musical ensembles for at least three years at a high school level were eligible. The presidents of the chorus, orchestra, and band, Cara Greco, Gabriella Hensinger, Candace Hillebrand, and Anabelle Bautista presented the ceremony along with the presidents of the Garnet Valley chapter, Band teacher Vince DeMarro, and Chorus teacher Krista Master.

The following members of Band, Orchestra and/or Choir were inducted on the 28th of March in 2017.

Yulia Afework, Meghan Arters, Chase Brennan, Emma Bromley, Hannah Claypole, Christina Douglass, Hannah Downey, Sophia Filippone, Caroline Hayes, Matthew Hwang, Michael Jones, Ashley Kaewvichien, Jessica Lavender, Lisa Liu, Ben Mascioli, Roy Maxfield, Kristen McCollum, Megan McGarrey, Christina Mercincavage, Bernard Miller, Mason Miller, Kaitlyn Moore, Amelia Narducci, Maya Orso, Sana Padinjarekutt, Angela Poole, Cayla Pun, Kathryn Rossi, Jordan Schumacher, Lindsay Seidel, Robert Shaw, Danielle Shelton, Lauren Singles, Zachary Smith, Sean Snyder, Grace Suermann, Joshua Szkotak, Malika Tarigopula, Alexander Tinari, Lucy Townend, Zachary Trageser, Mohnish Umashankar, Bianca Valdecanas, Evan Vandenbrul, Marie Weaverling, Jasmine Williams, Jonathan Wong, and Kelli Waldron.

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