Homecoming Court 2018

Homecoming is coming up- and fast. This year’s homecoming court includes a wide variety of seniors from an abundance of clubs and sports teams. There are 20 young men and women vying for the coveted titles of Homecoming Queen or King. Congratulations to the following people for representing the Class of 2019:

  1. Lauren Huck and Cole Palis
  2. Macawi Thomas-El and Braydon Morrandini
  3. Bridget Godfrey and Rory Glackin
  4. Alana Lamplugh and Ryan Shaw
  5. Harley Mollineux and Cade Brennan
  6. Jocelyn Knight and Liam Berry
  7. Jordan Gallagher and Ryan Knob
  8. Grace Brennan and Ryan Bosch
  9. Morgan Falcone and Dom LaBrisosa
  10. Megan McGarrey and Justin Rheinstader

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