How Volleyball Affected My Life

By Sophia Antigani

I grew up watching my older sister playing volleyball. I would watch how she would practice and mimic her at home in my room. I soon after found a love for something I never actually even played. My mom quickly signed me up to join BYC volleyball. My talent on the court was undeniable, even at a young age, so I moved onto club volleyball. I started out as a setter for Sparks Volleyball Club. I loved every second I got to touch a ball on the court and couldn’t get enough of it. From there, I moved onto Garnet Valley volleyball in seventh grade. Continuing my setter position, I set for the 7th and 8th grade team. I decided to switch clubs which was one of the best decisions in my volleyball career. I started playing for Delaware United Volleyball Club. I transferred positions to libber, the main passer on the court. I felt different than before, but I started to grow a love for this position as well. From there, I moved onto Garnet Valley volleyball for the high school. I played setter there. Transitioning from setter, to libero, to setter again was weird but I enjoyed both positions equally. Going into my junior year at Garnet Valley for volleyball, I am eager to play either position, as long as I get the chance to play the sport I love.  Volleyball is my way of leaving the real world and entering my own small world. I leave everything I have out on the court, it is where I shine the most. It is the one place where I have the biggest smile on my face. Without volleyball I wouldn’t be who I am today.

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