Six Fun Socially Distant Games to Play with Friends over Quarantine

By Lila Troum

For over a year now, we’ve all struggled with not being with our friends as much as we’d like, and although this article may be a little late, it’s better late than never. As quarantine has progressed, my friends and I have still been making our way through: playing games virtually and seeing each other outside, while socially distant. We’ve made our way through game after game, and I’ve compiled a list of ones that should (hopefully) get you through the end of quarantine for some fun, digital game nights. 

Game 1:

This is a game my friends and I have utilized for a few months now. With many, many games to choose from, a fun-filled game night is never out of reach. From drawing games to codeword, to werewolf, you, and as many friends as you’d like, can sit in and laugh for hours. 

 Game 2: The Wikipedia Game

This game is definitely for a select few. If you’re competitive, this is a GREAT game, as it’s literally a game that’s getting from one thing to another as fast as you can. I play this with my one friend a lot, and I really enjoy seeing how I can get from one random thing to another. It’s easy, completely free, and can be played on most devices. 


Game 3: Bitmoji Party

For those who utilize Snapchat to their ability, Bitmoji Party is very, very fun. My friends and I recently discovered this game, and we’ve been playing it ever since. We find ways to target one another while laughing at how weird the games are. If you’re ever looking to just find a game without hassle, Bitmoji Party is there. 

Game 4: Town of Salem

My one friend and I have been playing this game for years, so introducing it to all of my friends was a nice treat. This game is a lot like mafia/werewolf, only more complex. If you haven’t played it, I recommend it. There are tons of roles and teams, and it’s super fun! 


(also available on mobile devices) 

Game 5: Stardew Valley ($) 

Stardew Valley has been one of my obsessions lately. It costs money, which sucks, but it’s definitely worth it. You can play multiplayer with a friend who has it, too, and it’s overall just really fun! It’s a farming-type game, but you can interact and form relationships with townspeople, grow crops, go fishing and raise animals! It’s really fun and I highly recommend it. It’s single-player and multiplayer, so you can utilize either. 

Game 6: Online Monopoly 

This was a HUGE hit with me and my friends last summer. Rento is just like normal monopoly, just with some names switched around. You can play with friends, it’s just as good! My friends and I love standard Monopoly, so finding this online was great for us. 


I hope this list can make some friend groups’ night. These have been my favorite since March 2020, and even now my friends and I play these games one or two times a week. They enable safety, and fun without the risk of spreading COVID. 

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