Join Chess Club Today!

Chess has been a game for clashing minds since the 6th century; it is a game of concentration and clever maneuvers. If you want to test your skills in chess, you should join Garnet Valley’s chess club; they meet on E days in Mr. Nguyen’s classroom. In this […]

The Hidden War on Sand

Sand. To some, it’s the annoying material that gets in your shoe and stays there for weeks after going to a beach. For others, it’s something that they’ll give their lives for. According to the United Nations Environment Program, 47-59 billion tons of sand and gravel are extracted […]

Surviving Freshman Year

By Sage Klingensmith Prior to becoming an official high school student, one is typically piled high with knowledge of how upperclassmen act and how they truly despise and push around the freshmen. The incoming freshmen hear how they are often referred to as freshmeat, freshies, and many other […]

Literary Magazine Publishing

Dear Aspiring Artists & Writers… Does one aspire to be published? Well, today is his or her lucky day! This year, students have the opportunity to submit their work to Garnet Valley Literary Magazine. Submissions can range from poetry, prose, sketches, plays, and photography to various other forms of […]

ASL Club

American Sign Language Club was created last March. Julia Sasso and Amber Goldberg came up with the idea in order to spread knowledge of sign language. The club meets every “F” day in Mrs. Foltz room(A116). Through ASL, students are able to communicate with those of the deaf […]