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by Addie Chauhan

Garnet Valley’s Model United Nations club was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to host the second-ever GVMUN conference on March 25th. 

Organized by the leadership team and advisors Mrs. Gumpert and Mr. Layman, this year’s GVMUN consisted of two committees– the Harry Potter General Assembly, chaired by Model UN members Antonia Mavrakis and Hiral Palakurty, and the Yugoslav Crisis Committee, chaired by leadership members Songlin Li and Yusuf Husain. Nearly all members of Garnet Valley’s Model UN chapter participated in one way or another; club President Katie Hutchinson recognized the dedication and hard work each individual put into the conference, stating, “The event only went well if those [who were] participating and planning made it interesting, which they did an amazing job at.”

GVMUN II is a special occasion for the club’s senior members, after losing much of their in-person conference experience due to COVID. Hutchinson continued on to say, “I was very satisfied with how it ended. Last year it was 1 school participating and we managed to get 4 schools this year which was incredible. The most satisfying part is the knowledge that the club will continue the tradition of GVMUN and knowing it will go on past my years at GV. I cannot wait to see how it continues to evolve into a tradition for every class to enjoy.”

Model United Nations, affectionately shortened to Model UN or MUN, is a simulation of the international body known as the United Nations. Competitors within respective committees discuss international sociopolitical issues in an attempt to form resolutions to address these concerns, as would the real UN. Through civil debate, Model UN teaches participants argumentative reasoning, critical thinking, and public speaking skills, while also providing insight into the world of diplomacy and international affairs.

For next year, the Model UN club is planning on having a separate committee solely for the purposes of planning GVMUN III. Students looking to learn debate skills and more about the current sociopolitical climate while forming close friendships should consider joining the club. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be chairing a huge Model UN committee at a GVMUN in the near future. 

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