December 2, 2023

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Ryan Hickey’s 10 Favorite Things

by GVHSJagJournal
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Student, athlete and life long learner are words I would use to describe myself. Waking up every morning and learning, studying, exercising and building my social life are things that shape who I am. The ups and downs of life do fatigue me, and there are many things that I enjoy doing in my free time or things that are very important to me. 

  1. Star Wars

I am a lifelong Star Wars fan. From a young age, I was moved by watching all the Star Wars movies with my neighbor and now close family friend. Even though he was almost 30 years older than me, he still introduced me to one of the greatest fantasy franchises ever. I watched the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series every Friday night from K-6. To this day, I still watch new Star Wars content that comes out every week. 

  1. Crab cakes

I am a fast and large eater. I eat almost everything and love to eat food. In 6th grade, I had my appendix removed since I ate too fast and caused myself to have an appendectomy. My favorite food is crab cakes. Growing up close to Maryland, having crab was a luxury. Our close family friend’s (the same one that introduced me to Star Wars) grandfather would crab all the time. We would have crabs almost every week during crab season. Crab cakes were just an offspring of my crab addiction.

  1. Eating snow

In the northeast, snow storms are not uncommon. Going outside on snow days were some of my fondest memories. Since I was little, my younger sister and I would always eat snow. It was just water but better. Need a drink, have some snow. It was something that we pride ourselves on. 

  1. Discovering new music

I love finding new songs that click with me. I listen to them on repeat and over analyze the way that it just carries me away. I also love finding new music so that I can share it with my friends. Watching their reactions to new songs and hearing them make me really happy. 

  1. The middle of nowhere

The calmness of the middle of nowhere is my favorite place. Sitting in the middle of the woods surrounded by nature is mesmerizing. It calms the mind and the soul.

  1. Swimming

My mom always made sure that my sister and I could swim, in case there was ever a time we would need to save her from drowning. My mom never learned how to swim as a kid, so she made sure that her kids could. After starting the swim team when I was 5, I have swam ever since. 

  1. 60 Minutes

The show 60 Minutes is on every Sunday night at 7 pm on CBS. My family has watched it together whenever we lived in the United States. Not only is it informative, but it is a family activity that recaps the whole week. Its as if the whole family watches this show together and decompresses. 

  1. How I Met Your Mother

One of my favorite shows of all time. It has changed my life with the different life lessons and the amount of change and grief that is pumped into it. Even though I did feel like the producers dragged on the last season a bit too long it showed me a bit of what life holds. Not necessarily all the fun adventures but what life is at its core. The ups and downs. 

  1. Clash of Clans

This mobile video game came out in 4th grade and has been a part of my life ever since. I have played on the same account for the past eight years. I play it on and off, so sometimes I will play for a few months then take a break for a few months. When I moved to Garnet Valley in 8th grade, it did help me make friends since everyone marveled at home. 

  1. Taiwan

My mom’s home changed my life. Living here for three years was amazing, and the experiences opened my eyes to what can really be like if you take all the chances presented to you. 

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