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Brandon Gorski’s 10 Favorite Things

by brandongorski
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A lot of different things make me happy. Whether it be material possessions or people, there are a lot of things that I derive joy from. Therefore, there are also a lot of things I treasure closely to my heart as they have truly grown on me. As such, a lot of items on this list have become a part of my identity and contribute to me as a person. However, there are also many items on this list which simply stand as things I enjoy and don’t have as deep of a meaning.

  1. IGOR by Tyler the Creator

Released a year and a half ago by Tyler the Creator, IGOR is my favorite album of all time. This album is special to me because it marked the real beginning of me seriously listening to a lot of music, specifically on Spotify. I love every song. While the album is representative of Tyler’s failed love story, I personally look at it with the opposite approach, with my favorite songs on the album making it appear more cheerful and encouraging of his experiences with love.

  1. My Family

I love my family more than anything else in the entire world–they mean everything to me. My brother is a huge mentor, teaching me a lot about life and college. My dad also has taught me a lot about coding and driving, and always helps me manage my time. My mom is the biggest emotional support I have, always comforting me and supporting me to do my best. I also love my grandfather very much as I take care of him everyday in exchange for him telling me stories about his life as a kid in Bangladesh and trying to raise a family there. 

  1. Five Guys

While it could be contested by Shake Shack, I still think Five Guys stands as the dominant fast food place. Five Guys has some absolutely spectacular food and drinks, in addition to their top of the line peanuts which you get to eat while waiting for your order. I personally either love to get my burger stacked “all the way” or focus on just pickles, cheese and grilled mushrooms/onions. I also always have to make sure I get a side of fries to pair the sandwich or a milkshake to go along with it. While some people might call it overpriced, I think that the food is absolutely worth it. 

  1. Turtles

Turtles have always been my favorite animal. As a kid, I had a pet turtle named Fred, an eastern PA box turtle, for months. During this time, he became my best friend. I have also had a lot of turtle-themed clothing and items when I was a kid and baby. Now, I am even more fascinated by turtles, particularly by the giant turtle–which I find the coolest. Just thinking about how such large animals live on our planet is crazy to me, especially because I want to have one as a pet.

  1. Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse

Simply my favorite movie of all time. Everything about this movie is absolutely amazing and perfect. The story, the score, the animation, the score, the recording cast, the score (I’m not sure if it’s apparent but I love to listen to the soundtrack in my freetime). On top of being a Marvel fan, I have loved Spiderman since I was a kid, so seeing another adaptation of the series is always cool to me. I also have a lot of good memories of watching this movie with my buddies in theaters and at sleepovers. 

  1. Programming

One of my favorite hobbies in programming, particularly competitive programming. I’ve started doing so over quaratine and fallen in love with it. I love solving puzzles and coming up with mathmatical solutions to problems. Therefore, compeitive programming gives me the perfect opportunity to do exactly that while also learning how to code in the process. I have also been able to learn how to create minature games and calculators in languages like Java on my PC with coding.

  1. My Mom’s Cooking

I mean I think this one is pretty self explanatory…. but my mom genuinely has some absolutely amazing home cooking. She has a wide menu that she can choose to cook from: Indian, Asian, Italian, Polish and American cuisine all together. Thankfully, due to my mom’s amazing cooking capabilities, I can have delicious food any time I want and have the option to choose from a wide variety of dishes. However, as I’ve gotten older, I now have to help my mom cook these dishes. As such, I’ve also been given the opportunity to work and learn how to cook beside her which has been a truly special experience.

  1. Terraria

This is an RPG genre video that I first learned about in 7th grade. I used to play it with my friends for hours on end, grinding out the game through to completion over winter break every year to escape the reality of our schoolwork. As a result, it has become a tradition between me and my friends to play it every year and defeat the game together.

  1. Sleeping

Nothing beats sleeping… period. Nothing beats being able to roll into bed after a long night of working and spending time grinding out homework assignments. Therefore, when I get the chance to sleep, I embrace it. While I know it’s not a good idea to have your sleep schedule fluctuate every other day, it has become an accepted part of my schedule. So at the end of the day, when it comes to sleeping, I don’t care when or for how long, I want to get as much sleep as possible because it is truly heavenly. 

  1. David Dobrik

Whether it be watching people play video games, random documentaries, or hilarious vlogs, I love spending time on YouTube. David Dobrik in particular is my favorite vlogger because he makes really funny content that never fails to make me laugh and is super generous when it comes to giving out money. Not only does he give tens of thousands of dollars away to his friends every month, he also does so with random strangers, helping out others in the process of making amazing content and videos.

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