Shivananth Ilayanambi’s 10 Favorite Things

  1. Tennis

I really love to play tennis and have played it since I was in elementary school. I play for the high school team and try to play it with my friends when I can find the time to.

2. Gaming

I like to game as it brings out my competitive side and enjoy doing so with my friends as well. Over the pandemic, this has been my main avenue for socialization as my friends and I have not been able to hang out in person.

3. Pad Thai

Pad thai is probably my favorite food to eat and I generally like Thai food quite a lot. 

4. Ping Pong

I love playing ping pong and usually play with my dad and younger brother. Before the pandemic hit my friends and I would get together and hold a tournament to see who the best out of us all is, and it would be a lot of fun.

5. Family

Without my family, I wouldn’t be where I am today and over this pandemic I have had the chance to bond with them a lot more than I might have, especially since I will be leaving for college next year. 

6. Friends

Friends are quite important to me as without a social life, I become quite glum. This pandemic has not really allowed me to socialize with my friends on a level that I wanted to, which has also helped me realize the importance of friendship. 

7. Superheroes

I love to read superhero comics and watch the new Marvel & DC movies and shows that are produced by those respective companies. It helps me escape the real world and fall into this world where people can literally do anything. 

8. My Computer

I need my computer to go to school currently and it has also been my main source of entertainment as this is where I game and socialize with friends. I would say that the computer has also helped keep me sane during these months of being locked up in my house.

9. Reading

I do like to read and used to read quite a lot, though I haven’t been able to find the time to do so throughout high school. However, during the pandemic, I have just been sitting at home and so was finally able to find the time to sit down and read a few books this past summer.

10. Engineering

I always have had an interest in taking apart things and was able to explore my interest in engineering a bit more this past summer. I bought an arduino which is like a microcontroller, and includes some hardware and software elements to it.

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