Julia Cwiertniewicz’s 10 Favorite Things

Julia Cwiertniewicz, 17, is a senior at Garnet Valley High School. She will be providing us a list of her top ten favorite things: the things she admires, the things that make her feel happy; the things that give her joy and make her feel relaxed. Julia’s list serves as an inspiration to others, as it allows them to be thankful for the simple things in life.

  1. Oversized Sweatshirts

Showering, you come out feeling clean. What is a better feeling than being clean? Simple. Being clean and putting on a huge, warm sweatshirt. Feeling the warmth of the sweatshirt, you feel safe, clean, and healthy. 

  1. Blankets

Laying down watching tv, you feel relaxed. Putting a big, fluffy blanket over you, you feel cozy. Cold? Put on a blanket and feel its warmth. At the end of the day, what’s better than getting into bed and pulling a big, warm, fluffy blanket over you? Tucking yourself in and wrapping the blanket around you. Relaxation, happiness. 

  1. Driving 

Warm, summer night. You pick up a few friends after a long day of work. You put the windows down. You plug your phone into the aux cord or hook it up using bluetooth. You put on  your good vibes playlist, crank the music all the way up and drive. You drive down the back roads, through the valley. Plain lands, farmland surround you. There are no other feelings in the world besides the words of the music. You live in the moment with your friends, screaming along to the music…driving with no destination. You forget all your worries. 

  1. Milkshakes

No matter what you feel, milkshakes are good for your soul. Regardless of how you are feeling, a milkshake can make it all better. In fact, scientists have proved that ice cream–a key ingredient in milkshakes–is good for your mental health. Go to the store and get yourself a milkshake. A cold, creamy, delicious taste will soon fill your mouth, making you feel happy and relaxed. 

  1. Candles

Candles, all different sizes, all different kinds. All have different smells? What season is it? Winter? Get a peppermint scented candle. Fall? Get a pumpkin spice scented candle. Summer? Get a beach scented candle. Spring? Get a flower scented candle. Are you stressed? Get a stress relief candle. No matter the season and feelings, you can find a candle with a scent to match your needs. A scent that will fill your whole room and make you feel like you live in it. Did I mention, candles are great gifts? 

  1. Sunsets

Staring into the sky during sunset, you notice many colors. You see pinks, oranges, yellows all blended together, creating something so beautiful that it should be in a painting. You may notice white, fluffy clouds scattered throughout the sky, reflecting sunlight and colors off them. When watching the sun, that’s all that matters. That’s all you can think of. All you notice. Nothing else matters in the moment besides the colors in the sky. You are at peace.  

  1. Nails

Going to a salon, you immediately feel at peace. The ladies sit you down and they begin to work on  your nails. One nail at a time, perfecting each one. They clean in between your nails, cut your cuticles and polish your nails, making each a beautiful color. You wash your hands and sit back down. The nail lady puts a warm towel on both your hands then gives you a massage. Your hands are clean. They are painted. They are perfect. 

  1. Bath

Stressed? Sick? Need a moment of alone time? Time to relax? Draw a bath. Put the water on. Warm water. Put your hair up, hang up your robe. Fill up the tub and pour in some bath salts. Take a proper bath. Shave, wash yourself, relax. Watch some tv in the bath or listen to music. Get out, put on your robe and continue to feel relaxed & clean. 

  1. Coloring

Grab your favorite markers, or pens, or colored pencils. Print out pictures or get a book. Find a good spot where you can sit for a while. Your kitchen table, your bed, a couch, a chair. Take your markers or pencils or pens and color. Create, add colors, blend colors. Make your own colors. Make something beautiful. Make something as beautiful as yourself. 

  1. Pets

Go home. Give your pet attention. Whether you have a dog, a cat, a hamster, a gecko, make it feel loved. Make your cute pet feel happy. Share the joy that it gives you. Buy it a new toy, cuddle with it, take it on a walk. Relax and spend time with your pet.

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