Claire Yocum’s 10 Favorite Things

My favorite things are those that have stuck with me through my whole life. Whether I am feeling sad, happy or anything in between, the items on this list have been there through those moments. My favorite things have made my life better. From places to foods, below are ten things I could not live without. 

  1. Looking at old photographs

When I look back at old pictures, I remember the simple times. The holiday parades spent with my cousins, the days spent at the boardwalk and the pleasure of spending time with my siblings. Every photo has a different story and looking back at them makes me feel like I am reliving it. Old photographs remind me of my fortunate upbringing that I sometimes forget. 

  1. Green mint chocolate chip ice cream

This flavor has everything you could want in an ice cream: sweet, chocolatey and cool. It is sophisticated enough for an adult but delicious enough for a child. Ever since I was little, I always ordered mint chocolate chip on a waffle cone. 

  1. A good night’s sleep

A night when you get a full eight hours of sleep with minimal twisting and turning is not to be taken for granted. Nothing feels better waking up refreshed and energized. 

  1. Nicholas Sparks movies

When I have nothing new to watch, rewatching a Nicholas Sparks movie is my go-to. No matter how many times I have seen each film, I still get intrigued by it. In his movies, there is at least one take away. He brings you into the characters’ world and you feel like you are going on the journey with them. 

  1. Sea Isle City, New Jersey

The soothing waves, the soft sand and the warmth of the sun combine to make the beach a special place. Looking out onto the large ocean reminds me how small my problems are in life. The beach is a natural place that possesses such beauty. The beach always guarantees a good time and some of my best memories have been made there.  

  1. Getting a handwritten letter

Whether it is a college promotional phablet, a handwritten letter from a loved one or a package, receiving mail makes you feel good. An email does not compare to the anticipation of waiting for something and finally getting it.  

  1. Finishing a school assignment early/ one that you have been putting off

The dropbox can be daunting, especially for an assignment that you do not want to do. When the assignment is not due for a few weeks, it is easy to put it on the backburner. An all-nighter must be necessary to finish the assignment before the due date. Finally finishing and closing all the tabs is liberating. 

  1. Chicken

A crispy chicken breast topped with cheese and marinara sauce and a side of spaghetti is an Italian dish everyone should try. A grilled chicken breast is the perfect addition to some rice and broccoli. Chicken is a versatile food that can be consumed for a fancy dinner or a casual night at home. 

  1. Fresh blanket of snow

Snowfalls are magical. Snow makes life slow down. You can’t go anywhere, you get a day off and it is an excuse to relax. You don’t hear cars, but you hear animals and the occasional snow plow. Snow makes everything look better, especially around the holiday season.

  1. Dogs

Just looking at my dog makes me happy. When something goes wrong, my dog is always there to remind me it will be ok. A dog is faithful and true through the trials of life. The way my dog’s tail wags when I get home, the way he cuddles up next to me and when he brings me a toy to play with him, my dog makes me feel worthy. 

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