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AP Test: How to Get a 5

by GVHSJagJournal
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By: Mere Strickland

As the third quarter is starting to come to an end it’s important to acknowledge that AP testing is steadily approaching. That first week of May will probably be one of the hardest weeks in everyone’s highschool career, and it’s so unimaginably close. As the tests approach, studying has become the number one priority for most. This article will give some helpful tips to make sure you are fully prepared.

Use the Pomodoro Method

One helpful tip is utilizing the Pomodoro method, which basically entails studying for a specified amount of time (25, 40, 60 minutes) then taking a break in between these times of non-stop studying. Studying times will usually be longer than break times, though the overall method allows for anything to be changed to fit YOUR studying needs.

Shut Down Your Phone

It can be really hard to turn off your phone, especially when you are alone with it, however if you want to properly study you have to do it!!! Having you phone even in the room with you can be a major distraction and will make you loose focus on your work. If you study listening to music, just plug in your headphones and leave your phone in another room. At the same time, you could always just use your computer to listen to music if it’s that serious.

Create a Daily Work or To-Do List

Having a written out and set list that you always have access to can make it easier to stick to a plan and study what you need to. It creates a good environment for organization and allows you to have a better understanding of your work.

Utilize Color Coding

While color coding is considered an aesthetically pleasing way to organize, it can actually aid in keeping track of work while still being considered simple. The use of color can make it easier to categorize which subjects are harder, and thus which subjects you should study more.

At the end of the day studying can be annoying, and studying for tests as important as AP ones can be stressful, but it can be a big help. These study tips should make it easier to learn your content and instill confidence in your test taking abilities. Good luck on AP tests!

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