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Todd Silberglied

Gifts From Garnet Valley!

Two weeks ago during the performances of Legally Blonde and our football team’s amazing playoff push, the GVHS Peer Counselors began canning for their biggest event, Gifts From Garnet Valley. The exciting time of year that just started, with all of the holiday spirit that is felt, is […]

Ultimate Frisbee

Garnet Valley has launched a new sports team for Ultimate Frisbee with both boys and girls teams. The idea sparked a lot of interest as about 35 students are a part of the team. The coaches are Mrs. Truskin from the high school, and Mr. Jasper from the […]

BYC Challenger Program

This year, for the first time, Brandywine Youth Club is running a new baseball program that should be very fun and exciting. The Challenger program is a baseball league in which kids with special needs can have an extraordinary baseball experience. Other boys, like my twelve year old […]

CES 2016

Every January, the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is held in Las Vegas, Nevada to display the future of technology. Most big name companies display their upcoming product releases, and this year definitely saw some of the coolest technology out there. The interesting thing about CES this year, was […]


Wegmans opened on Sunday, November 8, 2015 and it was absolutely packed. I went on the opening day and even though it was crowded, everything ran smoothly. When I walked in, I first noticed a huge section devoted to Asian cuisine. There was a Chinese “bar” with take-out […]

Homecoming week

This week at Garnet Valley High School is going to be very exciting as the week of homecoming is always a student favorite. Things kick off on Monday as pajama day will most likely make people happy waking up in the morning with their pajamas on. Each grade […]