December 6, 2023

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by Todd Silberglied
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Wegmans opened on Sunday, November 8, 2015 and it was absolutely packed. I went on the opening day and even though it was crowded, everything ran smoothly. When I walked in, I first noticed a huge section devoted to Asian cuisine. There was a Chinese “bar” with take-out food and a section for Japanese food, with a selection of sushi. As I maneuvered around the store, I noticed some other interesting sections including a bakery, a seafood aisle, a mediterranean section, and a chicken wing bar. They also had a fair selection of soups, pastas, and deli meats. As I went around, I collected some free samples including cheeses, mushrooms, and asparagus. So far, all of the pre-cooked foods I tried were delicious and I already have favorites that I want to come back for. After about twenty minutes, I got to the part of the store that looked more like a supermarket. There was fresh produce, frozen foods, dairy, snacks, and meats. Wegmans does a good job selling family size items in bulk for low prices, while also having smaller portions like other supermarkets. When my mom went a few days later without me, she reported saying that it was nowhere near as crowded, which was good because I definitely want to go there somewhat often, but I do not want to have such a hard time pushing a cart. All together, I believe that Garnet Valley and other neighboring towns will enjoy Wegmans as it is a great addition.     

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