What’s Up With Keystones? And How Do they Affect Us?

The Keystone exams are assessments taken at the end of a course. They are designed to test proficiency in a variety of different courses. At Garnet Valley, the spring Keystones will begin on Wednesday May 13, 2015. The Keystones that are required for graduation include the subjects of Biology, Algebra 1, and Literature. The Keystone exams are offered three times a year; winter, spring, and summer. At least a proficient needs to be scored on this assessment or the student will be placed in a remediation class and have to retake the exam. Once the student takes the exam, it is graded as quickly as possible and then there are two copies of the score that get sent out. The first goes to the student’s house, and the other is sent to the school. There are two modules on the Keystone and there is no time limit to complete them. The average student will take between two to three hours in total or one to one and a half hours per module. The school can decide whether or not they want everyone to take both modules on one day, or divide it up into two.


The Keystone exam consist of two types of questions; multiple-choice and objective questions, and open-ended questions. Depending on the subject, the multiple-choice are usually worth between 60% and 75% while the open-ended are usually worth 25% to 40%. At Garnet Valley, the Literature Keystones are first on the thirteenth and fourteenth, then Biology on the fifteenth and eighteenth, and finally Algebra on the twentieth and twenty first. For students not taking the Keystone, there is a different bell schedule so that people taking the exams will miss the least amount of work possible. The day will start off with two enhancements and then will have all four periods in a row for about 64 minutes each. Lunch will still be during third period.

Keystone Testing May 13-14(Lit.) May 15-18(Bio.) May 20-21(Alg.)


7:25-Warning Bell


7:30-8:25-Enhancement #1 (Students will sign up)

8:30-9:25-Enhancement #2 (Students will report to their current teachers, see below)


9:30-10:33-Period 1                     (63Minutes)


10:38-11:42-Period 2                   (64Minutes)


11:47-12:17-Lunch 1                   (30Minutes)

12:18-1:23-Period 3                     (65Minutes)


11:47-12:21-Period 3                   (34Minutes)

12:22-12:52-Lunch 2                   (30Minutes)

12:52-1:23-Period 3                     (31Minutes)


11:47-12:52-Period 3                   (65Minutes)

12:53-1:23-Lunch 3                     (30Minutes)


1:28-2:32-Period 4                       (64Minutes)



May13-1, 2, 3, 4

May 14-2, 1, 3, 4

May 15-4, 1, 3, 2

May 18-1, 2, 3, 4

May 20-2, 1, 3, 4

May21-4, 1, 3, 2



Students will sign up for an Enhancement for #1 Enhancement block

Students will reports to their period 1 teacher for #2 Enh. block(5/13)

Students will reports to their period 2 teacher for #2 Enh. block(5/14)

Students will reports to their period 3 teacher for #2 Enh. block(5/15)

Students will reports to their period 4 teacher for #2 Enh. block(5/18)

Students will reports to their period 1 teacher for #2 Enh. block(5/20)

Students will reports to their period 2 teacher for #2 Enh. block(5/21)


Make-up’s will be administered on May 26-27

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