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Delaware County Elections

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By Karthik Reddy & John Teng

The Delaware County elections happened on Tuesday, November 5. The political forces that clashed last year showed no signs of letting up this year, as both Democrats and Republicans flocked in droves to place their votes in the election. Outside of the Delaware County area, divisive moves by President Trump and the Republican party resulted in Democratic victories in Kentucky and Virginia for the first time in over two decades. 

Democrats held all five seats on the Delaware County Council, which has been a Republican stronghold since the Civil War. Democratic victories in the Pennsylvania area are especially significant since Trump (and the GOP) won the state in the 2016 presidential elections. Not only did Democrats lock the elections down, but this election saw the replacement of traditional machine Democrats being replaced by more liberal candidates. This indicates a move further to the left, which could potentially lead to a Republican comeback in the 2020 elections in the state.

Delaware County also saw the defeat of Republicans in every council and judgeship seat. 

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