December 11, 2023

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Garnet Valley High School

By: Presley Burkley

The Philadelphia Eagles started their 2022-2023 season strong by getting the win over the Detroit Lions in their season opener. During the game, many records were broken, and many career highs were made. 

While all players had a great game, one player who stood out was Jalen Hurts. Hurts has been the Eagle’s starting quarterback for a couple of years and shined in his last game. He accounted for 333 yards and even scored a touchdown himself. He ran 17 times which was just one short of his career high. He also threw a perfect 54-yard pass to AJ Brown, leading to the Eagles taking the 24-14 lead at halftime. Hurts also threw impressive throws to avoid getting tackled and ran for 50 yards rushing in the first quarter. This is the highest total by a Philadelphia quarterback since Michael Vick in 2013. Jalen Hurts is someone who we can expect to stay with the Eagles for a while, and he is one of the backbones of the team this year! 

So what does the future look like for the Eagles this season? While the opening game did end in a win for Philly, both offense and defense still have their kinks to work out. The Eagles had four offensive touchdowns, and it was the first time since 1961 that the Eagles had four rushing touchdowns from four different players. Boston Scott and Kenneth Gainwell also helped with the scoring.

The Defense started off strong but lost focus during the last quarter of the game. Jared Goff (Detroit Lions Q.B.) threw for over 150 yards in the last quarter, thanks to the Eagle’s secondary. We can expect much success from Jalen Hurts, the Kickers, and the offense this season, but the defense will have to keep working hard to keep up with the rest of the team. In past seasons, there has been a pattern of the Defense starting off strong but losing their momentum by the end, so we can expect this to follow through to this year.

While predictions for the season have started to arise since their first game, it truly is too early to know how the season will go. Below, you can find the Eagles 2022-2023 calendar to follow along with their games! 

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