Ashika Kumar’s 10 Favorite Things

  1. The Office 

The office is one of my favorite shows because it never fails to put me in a better mood after watching it. I love the entire cast and the characters they play, and I love the humor of the show. I like rewatching some of the funniest episodes just to have a laugh sometimes.

  1. Rooftops 

Rooftops are my favorite place to hang out when I’m by myself. I love the views we have from above, and I love looking down and seeing everything look smaller, like the cars and people below. I enjoy people watching from rooftops because it makes me feel detached like an outsider just observing daily life from a distance. I like rooftops because I feel like I’m closer to the sky, and I like how I can see so much farther. High rooftops make me feel euphoric and are ideal spots for me to dance or just listen to music. Sunsets and sunrises are always pretty from here, and it’s never too crowded, but it also never makes you feel too lonely because you can see life bustling around you.

  1. Chasing a flock of birds 

I like to shoo large flocks of seagulls at the beach, or pigeons in a city square, or a flock of any other birds anywhere. I do this by just running into the flock of birds sitting on the ground, and they all rise into the air at once, trying to get away before I can reach them. I like seeing how they all majestically fly at once, and how they’re foolish enough to come back and sit down only to be chased again.

  1. Fresh snow 

I like the clean blanket of snow that covers the ground when it’s been snowing for a few hours. I feel like snow makes everything look magical or like something out of a fairytale. I enjoy how everything is washed in pure white and how there are sprinkles of white on tops of trees and roofs. It irks me when people leave tracks in previously untouched snow because that’s how much I love the perfect white layer. 

  1. Home videos 

My parents loved holding a camera, so they caught a lot of my and my sister’s antics on tape that we still watch and laugh about to this day. I love how we all gather around the television to watch these videos, and how they help me reconstruct things from my childhood that I would otherwise have had no memory of. I like that it gives me a chance to go back and see how I used to be, and how much I’ve grown and changed. 

  1. Watching animals behave like humans

I love it when animals do things that resemble human actions or convey emotions that are very sophisticated and human-like. I like when dogs pounce on you to show their love, or when they ignore you to show anger. I like how monkeys have physical features very similar to humans, and how they show the same survival instincts. I like how they have the intelligence to snatch things from our hands, or to clap, or to dance if trained. It makes me feel connected to animals and nature when I see similar characteristics between mankind and other species. 

  1. Large libraries 

Large libraries with high ceilings and large airy windows make me very happy. I especially enjoy libraries if they have a vintage feel to them, with large oakwood shelves lined with hardbound books. I like libraries because they bring me peace and feel like a safe space. I can always go to a library and work because it makes me more inclined to actually get work done, and I also love the lingering smell of paper in libraries. 

  1. Sound of  a cheering crowd

I love the sound of shouting and screaming, and excited crowds. I love when the crowd sings along to songs louder than the performer onstage at a concert. I love how the voices of all those people resound together and fill the stadium. I love it when a crowd chants the name of their favorite player or their favorite team, or even when they just erupt in roars when something good happens. An enthusiastic crowd makes me feel like part of something bigger than myself, and makes me feel alive. 

  1. Last day of school before summer break

The anticipation of the last bell follows you around all day. The last day is so exciting because of the thrill that comes from knowing it’s the last day. If there are finals, then the satisfaction that comes from turning in the last final and walking out the door is unmatched. To me, it’s one of the best feelings in the world. 

  1. Fluffy pillows in a car

I love having fluffy pillows in general, but especially in a car on a long drive. I think pillows make the journey so much more comfortable, and I like having something soft to rest my head against, instead of the cold and shaky window. I fall asleep easily in moving vehicles, and having a soft pillow makes that so much more enjoyable.

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