Spring Fashion

Spring is here! And the big question on everyone’s mind is … what to wear? After consulting numerous Pinterest boards, Instagram hashtags, and PopSugar articles, we’ve compiled a convenient list for all your spring fashion needs!

Bucket Hats!

Sure they aren’t the prettiest things to look at but they sure do the job. Pull out a bucket hat from your attic, and strut your stuff down the school hallways, knowing that you’ve conquered spring.

LAVENDER! Say goodbye to Millennial Pink, because Lavender is here to stay for the spring season. You know, that pale purple that reminds you of your old baby blanket. Incorporate it into your spring look for a little extra flare.

But we don’t stop at lavender for the colors popular this season. Looking for something a little spicier? Try sorbet colors! These vibrant shades are guaranteed to catch your eye, and look almost as good as they taste!

Looking for a nice outfit that isn’t too formal? Try maxi dresses! A perennial favorite alongside floral print, this fashion trend is easily wearable with a jean jacket or able to dress up with your favorite accessories.

Suits make you seem put together, not to mention the insane confidence boost. They aren’t just for guys, either!  Fashion icons like Janelle Monae and Alicia Keys can rock a suit just as easily as they wear a dress. Step away from the traditional black, and upgrade into pastel colors, or work that black suit like a boss!

So put on your new spring looks and look as confident as you feel!

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