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GVHS Health Fair

by GVHSJagJournal
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On April 20th, 2016, Garnet Valley High School held a Health Fair. Organizations such as Crozer and A Door of Hope were present. Many of them had brochures and pamphlets to show what they did for people who needed help. They asked students questions and trivia about what they know about drugs, alcohol and other substances that cause teens to make mistakes. One of the organizations allowed the students to put on a pair of goggles and walk in a straight line with them on. The simulation allowed the person to understand what it feels like to be intoxicated with alcohol and be tested for it. A bunch of my friends and I had the chance to experience it. At first, the goggles made you feel like your mind was going everywhere. Everything in front of you was blurry and difficult to see. Many of us failed and eventually fell or walked into a different direction. Simulations like that allowed us as teens to know what it is like to feel drunk without actually drinking. It gave a warning for teens to never drink and drive or to be intoxicated while doing something that requires much thinking.

The Renfrew Center was a non-profit organization that aided in people with eating disorders. At their stand, they explained to us the causes and reasons behind eating disorders and how we can cope with what we eat. They handed each one of us a mini compact mirror to be reminded of how we should love our bodies and ourselves. Places such as the Main Line Health Center of Concordville handed out mini first aid kits. Inside the mini kits were band-aids, antiseptic wipes and first-aid creams. The kits allowed us to be prepared in any situations of an emergency. The size was perfect to carry around and not feel burdened about losing extra wipes or creams.

Although our class only had a short amount of time to explore, we still learned different ways to feel safe and healthy. The health fair that our school hosts gives us opportunities to be educated about the decisions we need to make in life and keeps us prepared and ready. Whether it’s making choices about drinking or being abstinent, the health fair is a great experience for high schoolers as well as for adults.

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