My Life and It’s Goals

By: Noah Wham

My life is like a revolving door. People come and go as they please, as do my interests. Most of my friends have befriended me because they like how weird and unique I am. I love trying different things and exploring abandoned places. Something different about me is my love of flips. I try to do different flips and improve on my form. Somedays I want to be a gymnast, but right now I am interested in parkour. Parkour and gymnastics are similar, but gymnastics is more of a potential career and parkour is more of a hobby that occurs in nature. Along with friends that are similar in that they can do flips, there are friends that have the same personality as me. It helps me connect with them on a personal level. I first realized I had a passion for lips when I saw a man do a backflip in my favorite movie, “Wild Hogs.” Watching it made me want to do it too! After a year, I tried to do flips on my trampoline. In fifth grade, I finally landed my first flip. Although I wanted to try a flip on the ground, I knew I was not ready yet. I have learned a lot from experimenting new things; I learned how to do a triple front flip into a foam pit. I could go on about my goals in life and what I have accomplished so far. My goal for this hobby of mine is to break the record of most consecutive backflips on the ground. I want to break this record because ever since I was a little kid I have wanted to do something amazing so the world could remember me for it. I often work on improving my technique to help me perform this stunt.


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