Hi-Q National Championship!

It is exciting to announce that on Friday, April 5th, quite a few members from Garnet Valley High School’s Hi-Q team will be competing in the national championship through attending a video conference at DCIU. To all teachers and faculty, please excuse these students from class that day; they are responsible for any missed or late work. Below is the list of Hi-Q students who will be involved in competing in the national championship:

  1. Aadarsh Balaji
  2. Brandon Gorski
  3. Kushagra Gupta
  4. Patrick Li
  5. Jeffrey Lin
  6. Sai Mamidala
  7. Harry Markel
  8. Vishesh Patel
  9. Neeraj Shenoy
  10. Aditi Sridhar

Please take the time to wish these accomplished students good luck!

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