November 29, 2023

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Ranking the Bathrooms in the School

by GVHSJagJournal
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By: Sara Lennon

The school bathrooms have their highs and they have their lows. Similar to high school football, they have their ups, and they have their downs. Some of them are clean and bright, while others are dingy and disgusting. The bathroom experience of Garnet Valley High School is very different according to which bathroom you choose to rest your weary bottom in. In this article, I will be ranking all of the options that we have as bathrooms and discussing the pros and cons of using each one to set a spell. 

#6. The Downstairs B-Wing 

The downstairs B-wing bathroom sits in 6th place as the worst bathroom in the school. This bathroom never fails to have a suspicious spill on the floor and has an overall gross vibe. There is usually something gross around the sink, and it is often taken over by gaggles of girls at all times of the day. I do not recommend using this bathroom unless you really have to. The lighting isn’t the worst, so maybe only use this one for checking yourself in the mirror. 

#5. The A-Wing Near the Library 

First of all, this bathroom always has a very long line. It seems as though no matter what time of the day you go, there is a line that never seems to move. The stalls are also pretty daunting, as they are all black and have no exits in case of emergency. The sinks are always disgusting and somehow always manage to have hair in them. The dryers are slow and barely even dry your hands at all. Also, the lighting is pretty bad. 

#4. The A-Wing/C-Wing 

This bathroom is not the worst one out there, but it is not the best. Similar to #5, it has bad lighting and scary stalls. But this one tends to be cleaner and is good for a quick pee and go. 

#3. The Band Hallway 

This bathroom can either be a really good option or not an option at all. It is not an option at all when there happens to be no toilet paper in any of the stalls. It is also usually pretty gross in there and you can usually find an unpleasant surprise in one of the stalls, if you’re lucky. However, this bathroom has pretty nice low-key lighting and is usually not crowded. 

#2. The Upstairs B-Wing 

This bathroom is similar to a trusty steed. It is always there, is clean, most of the time it is empty, and has a calming nature to it. It is a very good option when you’re feeling the stressors of the math hallway and need a weekday getaway. 

#1. The D-Wing 

This bathroom gets number 1 because there is always a stall available, the stalls are not scary, and the mirrors are really nice. The lighting is pretty good and it is very spacious in there. Overall very good vibes in this bathroom and it is my favorite one to use.

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