November 29, 2023

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Shreya Bose’s: The Wanted

by GVHSJagJournal
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By: Marissa Miczek

Shout out to Shreya Bose, not only a sophomore but an author at GVHS!

The Wanted by Shreya Bose navigates the blurred lines between innocence, guilt, and the haunting power of memory. Through the eyes of a young girl, the narrative not only investigates the depths of human resilience, but also delves into the search for truth and understanding in a world full of uncertainties. As the young girl races against time and the relentless police she must unearth the shadows that lurk in the forgotten corners of our minds.

Shreya’s dedication to edit, revise, and perfect her original draft in 2021 has come to create a jaw-dropping short story for anyone and everyone. The Wanted: A Short Story, is now available for print and ebook on Amazon. You can also add ratings and reviews on GoodReads! Click the links below.



Visit the Rachel Kohl library now for a copy! You can also connect with Shreya Bose to buy a copy of this mystery & thriller short story for yourself.(email:

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