The Princess Bride by William Goldman Book Review

The Princess Bride is a fantasy romance novel published in 1973 by William Goldman. A story set in a medieval-like era, it will draw the reader in immediately with the first paragraph. The longer, original version was written by S. Morgenstern and was abridged by William Goldman or shortened to focus on the relevant parts of the story.; this is greatly appreciated, because most do not want to read pages and pages of Florinese royal history. Goldman spares the reader of unnecessary details and allows him or her to enjoy the story before he or she falls asleep and drools on the pages which is what potentially sets The Princess Bride apart from other classic novels.

The Princess Bride tells the tale of the beautiful Princess Buttercup and her true love, Westley. Convinced he is dead through an unfortunate event, she is forced to marry Prince Humperdinck, and then is kidnapped by the evil philosopher Vizzini and his two henchmen, Inigo and Fezzik. The story follows Westley and Buttercup as they try to escape Prince Humperdinck, who happens to be very skilled at hunting. The story is a mixture of romance, adventure, fantasy, and comedy. The novel and its film are both loved by millions for their wit and charm. Its characters are cheeky on an inhuman level and the reader will love them for it.

(Conclusion: Read it… Read it past bedtime.)

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