November 29, 2023

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Olivia Rodrigo’s New Album “GUTS”

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By: Safa McClintic

Olivia Rodrigo’s new album, “GUTS,” came out just this September 8, 2023. It features the songs “ballad of a homeschool girl,” “good 4 u,” “deja vu,” “teenage dream,” “bad idea right?” and many more. Fans loved the new sophomore album and rushed to social media to voice their opinions. Olivia made a post about the release of “GUTS,” saying it was “so fun and scary and thrilling and fulfilling” to make this album. Fans of the album commented “u did this for the 19 year olds and we appreciate it,” “this album is ruining my life in the best way,” and @facebook commented, “love is embarrassing, saved my life.”

Olivia’s entire album is dedicated to the struggle that 19-year-old girls face, which has been found to be very much appreciated by many fans all over. “GUTS” was released after her hit album, “Sour.” Even though “Sour” was a great hit, lots of fans are saying that “GUTS” is better! However, there was some backlash. One of the main criticisms is that her album only has a 39-minute run time. Fans want more music and since this is only her second album, a 39-minute run time is disappointing. “GUTS” has nearly 60 million monthly listeners on Spotify as of Sep. 12 and with how popular she is that number will most likely grow!

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