The Pandemic in a Playlist

By Lila Troum

From March 13, 2020 to…now, we’ve been under quarantine, stuck in a pandemic. This really isn’t news to anybody, though it’s still something difficult to grasp. As of writing this, it’s been almost 11 months since this began, which feels crazy. I’m sure out of the quarantine boredom, most students have dipped their toes in the raging waters that is TikTok, a platform where users can upload videos for all to see. In these videos, music can be uploaded into the background, and, a lot of times, some songs can become very popular. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve seen multiple songs come into the spotlight right before being shimmied out by a newer, trendier song. 

Something that I have a tendency to do is associate songs with people/places/things that I can pretty much only think about when I’m listening to that song, and songs from quarantine don’t change that. Listening to these old songs from the spring and summer bring back floods of old memories. Hearing these songs makes me feel reminiscent and I find myself questioning how life has changed so significantly to an extent where I feel like a whole new person. Turning these songs on and listening to them make me feel different, associating these songs with this time frame where our lives really changed. 

What I tried my best to do was compile a playlist of these popular songs. I ranged them from April 2020 to now, songs that stuck with me and made the impression of being a part of this whacky period in our lives. Most of these are, unsurprisingly, songs from Tik Tok, which I tried to avoid, though I think that’s where a lot of us ended up. I really hope that people can enjoy this playlist and be transported back to that weird time. Quarantine was absolutely horrible for most of us, but sometimes mentally putting yourself somewhere else is a fun/nice thing to do.  

A fair warning that this playlist contains song titles, as well as lyrics, that are explicit! 

Pandemic Playlist

I, again, really did try my best, so if something’s missing, or a song seems off, I apologize. Compiling this was not easy. 

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