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Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, is it a “Love Story”?

by GVHSJagJournal
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By: Avery Eskin

After Taylor Swift separated from her long-term boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, back in April everyone has been wondering who her next boyfriend would be. Following the breakup, Taylor had a fling with the 1975 lead singer, Matty Healey which ended swiftly. 

Shortly after the end of Matty and Taylor, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce went to Taylor’s concert. Kelce then shared on a podcast that he had made Taylor a friendship bracelet with his number on it. By number, Travis did not mean his jersey number, 87, but rather his phone number. 

Instantly people online were showing support for a potential relationship between them. Nothing further was released until recently when sources had said that Taylor and Travis were “quietly hanging out”. Jason Kelce, beloved Eagles player and Travis’ brother, even said on the radio that the rumors were “100% true”. 

Everything was simply just talk until Sunday, September 24th. Taylor was spotted next to Travis’ mother at the Chiefs game, cheering him on. Fans were ecstatic, even quarterback Patrick Mahomes was feeling star-struck, shown waving up to Taylor from the field.  

At the end of the night, Travis and Taylor were videoed walking together. No one knows for sure the nature of their relationship, but it’s safe to say that most are rooting for the exciting connection between the insanely successful pop star and the famous pro athlete.

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