One Direction; Made In the A.M

One Direction released their fifth album, Made In the A.M, on November 13, 2015. Both of the singles on the album, Drag Me Down and Perfect, made to the iTunes Top 50 list when they first came out. With only four members remaining, this album seemed to be more successful than their previous album, Four. Made In the A.M has 13 songs plus 4 added songs on their deluxe album. This album caused major headlines because of the band’s former member, Zayn Malik. A lot of fans thought that the “A.M” in their album stood for “After Malik”, which ended being false when they discovered one of their songs on the deluxe album is named “A.M”. This will be their last album before they go on a break for 18 months.

         If you like pop music, this album definitely screams “Pop”. It has nice beats, catchy tunes, and good melodies and harmonies. A lot of the songs are relatable with the theme of love and heartbreak. I definitely recommend this album to any girl who loves Pop music.

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