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Exploratory Art- Nashetah Thomas-El

by GVHSJagJournal
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Nashetah Thomas-EL
4 May 2022
This paper mache piece from the Exploratory Art class is one of my favorite pieces in the
art show. I love how each team of students followed the theme of Asian cuisine and takeout,
including, but not limited to white rice, sushi, spring rolls, onigiri rice triangles, and fortune
cookies. These students got creative by using different materials to resemble different foods, like
using packing peanuts to resemble rice. The text on the fortune cookie reads “Your road to glory
will be rocky, but fulfilling.” This may just seem like another wise reading (which it is), but I see
it more as a summary of the past few years. Since 2020 and the shutdown due to the pandemic,
life has been rocky, to say the least, and the past two years have proven that the future is
unpredictable, but staying hopeful for the future will ensure that we, as a people, will prevail in
the end.
Every year, the exploratory art class has a theme that they have to follow to create paper
mache sculptures. One year, it was candies such as Snickers and Kitkats, and in my freshman
year, my class made Minecraft characters. I loved the paper mache theme this year, and I’m sure
as the years progress, the projects will become more and more amazing!

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