December 2, 2023

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New Changes for Garnet Valley Field Hockey

by GVHSJagJournal
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By Rachel Maiers

This year, Garnet Valley Field Hockey faced some changes, including two new coaches, meaning different practices and values for the team. As a program, we have been working on being more unified and including all three teams in all events and practicing together as much as possible. This really created a better team and a feeling of being together as one. Also, with our two new coaches came different practices as well as more progress as field hockey players. This really shows in our records. Varsity, as of now, is 4-2-3, JVA is 15-0, and JVB ended their season 8-1-1. As these are excellent records for all three teams, it really shows how dedicated the coaches and players had been this year. Along with our game and practices, we had our annual clinic, which was a huge success, and team bonding, which we went to some escape rooms. JVB, my team, had played well this season and felt we were successful. Our coach was new, coming from Texas, and is currently teaching social studies here at the high school. JVB only lost to Villa Maria Academy and tied with Notre Dame, which are both very good teams. Throughout our season, we improved very much, as did JVA and Varsity. Overall, all three teams had and are continuing to have good seasons. Hopefully, the varsity team will make it into playoffs this year and win as many games as possible!


The Annual GVFH Clinic

Edited by Megan McGarrey

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