Garnet Valley Girls Basketball Preview

By: Alec Eskin

The Garnet Valley girls basketball team is coming into the season with a team that has not played together much. However, the freshman and sophomores have had a reputation as a group that could take this team to the high standards that previous teams have set before them. Last year, they went 8-9 in a year where it was very new and unusual year for everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, those road blocks from last year will not affect the Jaguars this time around. Head Coach Joe Woods is going into his 19th year of coaching the Garnet Valley Girls Basketball Team. He is looking to get back to the District One playoffs after missing them last year in 2021. He will be working with a team that mostly has a new identity, and it could be a good one this year.

Garnet Valley this year will not have Mary Rose Berry, Jess Brewer, Olivia Scerba, Mikayla Anderson, Julianna Keller, Kendall DiCamillo, and Taylor Daubenberger. But, there are quite a few players who have experience and can anchor this young group. Their three captains this year are Katelyn Dugery, Ava Possenti, and Carly DiSabatino. Possenti is the lone starter returning from last year and is looking to build off of a very good season last year as the team’s point guard. Dugery and DiSabatino came off the bench last year and were both really good on the defensive end of the floor.

As for their young group, well they have a lot of younger players. 12 of the 15 players on the varsity/JV rosters this year are underclassmen. One of their starters will be Haylie Adamski, a freshman who is 5′ 11″ and can play multiple positions, and has gotten a lot of attention from coaches and players alike. Then, you have Nicolette Saccomandi, a junior who got a lot of minutes off the bench and was a starter for some of the season last year. Lastly, you will have Emily Olsen, Alana Williams, and Jordan Daubenberger (younger sister of Taylor Daubenberger) are looking to be key pieces off the bench this year for the Jaguars.

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