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How to get through the College Admissions Process

by nnicko1
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Are you struggling to understand how to fill out admissions? Do you even know where to start? Here is a step by step instruction and guide to surviving the admissions process:

  1. Think about what you want to do in the future. Maybe you want to be a civil engineer or a sales expert focusing on beauty products. Find what you think you can see yourself doing in five, ten, twenty years down the road. If you don’t know yet, that is ok. You do not have to know immediately what you want to do and can apply as undecided.
  2. The next step is finding a college right for you. Look at factors like the school’s location, the size of the incoming class, and what majors they offer. Decide if you prefer more rural or urban campuses since you will be living here for around four years or more (depending on what classes you take and if you pass!). Try to find something that is right for you. When deciding between two equally good choices, visiting the campus can change your perspective on where you want to go by falling in love with a campus or finding you may not like it as much as you had hoped.
  3. Go online! Visiting these school websites offer greater knowledge into their history and what they are known for. Look for clubs/activities that you are interested in or have done in high school. Moving to a new place can be challenging, but finding people with common interests can help make life easier.
  4. Mark your deadlines! Regardless of whether you intend to apply or not, make sure you know when a college deadline is approaching to ensure you are prepared in time to fill out the admissions forms.
  5. Actually applying: Go onto either the Common App website if you are using multiple schools or the website of the school itself in order to apply. Create an account and save your progress as you move through it. Make sure you received your transcript from guidance in case you need the information. Make sure to double check all the info you put in, and when you finish, remember to place it on your naviance account. Connect the requested transcripts on the colleges I’m Applying To tab and fill out the pink sheet located in the Guidance Office. After everything has been sent in, all you have to do is sit back and wait for the results. Good luck to all applicants!

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