December 6, 2023

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Get Ready Middle Schoolers!

by GVHSJagJournal
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By Robert Gamble

The Garnet Valley High School Speech & Debate team is opening its doors to the Middle School! Starting March 19th, the GVMS Speech & Debate team will have the opportunity to attend our High School’s Thursday after-school meetings, which will be run by our high school members.

This will be an extraordinary learning experience for the middle schoolers as well as the GVHS Speech & Debate members. Our goal is for the high school members to learn invaluable leadership skills and give back to their community by helping the younger demographic of Garnet Valley develop the confidence and skills that Speech & Debate facilitates. Moreover, now that the regular season for our team is over, we can pour more time into planning schedules and activities for the students!

Many of our high school members joined this club in order to gain more confidence for themselves. We hope to recreate this in implementing the new program. Middle school is one of the toughest and awkward times of any person’s life; however, by joining this team we are providing the students with a group of familiar faces for when they enter the high school as well as helping them develop confidence and skills in a safe environment aimed at cultivating the growth of members.

The GVMS Speech & Debate team will be open exclusively to 8th graders (for now), but we hope to expand this to all grades if everything is successful. Our award-winning team is ready to embark on this new journey. So please, if you know anyone who you think would benefit from joining this club, please inform them about this amazing opportunity! 

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