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25 Oddly Specific Everyday Moments We Take for Granted :)

by GVHSJagJournal
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By Justin Kang

  1. When it’s raining out so you run to your car and see other people running and laughing too
  2. When something odd happens in public and you make eye contact with a stranger and smile
  3. When you leave someone so speechless they don’t know how to say thank you so they just hug you instead
  4. When the crowd at your favorite artists’ concert sings all the lyrics together word for word
  5. When someone gives you a gift and explains their whole thought process behind it while you open it
  6. Seeing your friend in the hallway and trying to have a conversation with them while you’re walking opposite directions
  7. Seeing your friend with a serious face from afar but then smiling as soon as they see you
  8. Stumbling over your words to the point you have to giggle and restart your sentence
  9. When you walk into an ice cream shop in the summer time and feel the whoosh of air behind you
  10. Knowing someone is smiling on the other end of the phone even if you can’t see their face
  11. Seeing people in the Target card aisle looking through several cards to pick the best one
  12. When you wake up at 3AM in the summer, flip your pillow to the cool side, and fall back asleep
  13. Wearing a new outfit or shoes and getting compliments from people you don’t usually talk to
  14. Purposely making plans really far in the future so you can be excited for longer
  15. When you bend down to tie your shoes and someone stays behind the group and waits for you
  16. When a really nice person surprises you and laughs at a mean joke
  17. Plans getting canceled when you didn’t want to go in the first place
  18. The other passengers on your flight clapping and stretching when the plane lands
  19. When people wave and make silly faces at dogs
  20. People staying up till midnight to wish their friends a happy birthday
  21. Walking at night with people and pointing at the moon like it’s your first time seeing it
  22. Little kids coming up to you and starting a conversation like you’re best friends
  23. Walking in a group and you’re all so tired you start bumping into each other
  24. Watching a beautiful sunset and seeing everybody pull out their phones for a picture
  25. When you procrastinated an important assignment and your friend says they haven’t started either

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