Stringin’ With Orchestra

By Chideraa Emma-Ugwuoke

The Arts are a very significant, limitless, and expressive part of Garnet Valley High School. It consists of the Visual Arts (drawing, painting, sculpting, etc.), Theatre, and the Music Programs. Now let’s take a look at the Music Program.

The Music Program is made up of Chorus, Band, and Orchestra. They are great activities for people interested in music and are even elligible to take as courses. While Chorus and Band encompass a large number of people skilled in singing and playing instruments, Orchestra is composed of a smaller group of people, compared to the previous programs mentioned. This doesn’t make Orchestra bad because it allows for people who enjoy classical music to express their love for it by playing instruments such as the violin, viola, bass, and cello. I believe that it gives students the opportunity to improve on their own due to inclusion of Chamber Orchestra and the lessons during Lunch and Learn.

Overall, orchestra is a great way to get involved in the arts for people interested in music. So, please consider joining the orchestra program because you will be able to learn different varieties of music and meet so many people who share your interests. 

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