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Sophie Latella’s 10 Favorite Things

by GVHSJagJournal
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My name is Sophie Latella and I am an 18 year old senior in high school. I was born on 10/10/2002 to my mom, dad, and brother Jack. I have played soccer since I was five years old and I enjoy traveling the world and learning about new cultures. I plan on studying either business finance or environmental sustainability in college at an out of state university. These are my ten favorite feelings/experiences/things. 

  1. Buying a new pair of shoes

Saving up for/ being gifted a new pair of shoes that you have been wanting for a while is definitely one of the best feelings–the anticipation of looking up how to style them, planning them with new outfits and more. When you receive a new pair of shoes, you suddenly want to go to as many new places as possible and show them off, and I love that feeling. 

  1. The beach

The beach, no matter where in the world, is my favorite place in the world. Ive been to dozens of beaches in my lifetime, from Avalon, NJ, to San Diego, Ca, to Barcelona coast beaches. Walking onto the beach in the middle of summer with the sun beaming down on you while hearing the waves crash is an unbeatable feeling, soaking up the sun and sweltering before diving into the refreshing waves. Even walking back after a long day at the beach feeling the slight burn on your cheeks and an even tan on your body is something I cherish and look forward to every summer. 

  1. Christmas morning

As I get older, holidays tend to become a little less fun, which is sad. On the other hand, christmas morning will never fail to be one of the best few hours of the year, no matter how old I get. I run into my parents and brother’s rooms and send my dog in to jump on them and wake them up. Watching people smile as they open their presents and getting new things you’ve been wanting for the whole year is so much fun and it’s an amazing family day. 

  1. Simple algebra 

This is going to sound strange, and I don’t know if anyone will relate to me on this, but math is very therapeutic to me when I know what I’m doing. I find as I advance in my math courses I miss solving simple algebraic equations, and when I have to do them in calculus while learning some harder topics, I get excited and find that I really enjoy doing it. If I could major in algebra 1 in college, I would. 

  1. Laughing to the point where your stomach hurts 

Moments that I cherish are the times that I have been with my friends and something is so funny that we laugh so hard to the point where our laughs become silent and tears fall down our eyes while our stomachs are in so much pain. Most of the time you will look back on these moments and not even remember the reason you were laughing so hard but you remember the 10 minutes of uncontrollable laughter that followed the joke. 

  1. One Direction  

 This one is pretty self explanatory. I’ve been obsessed with all of them since their band started in 2010 and I know every one of their songs from start to finish. Their music isn’t only amazing but also their interviews and video clips of them are so funny and they bring me so much joy. 

  1. Concerts 

There is no better feeling than being surrounded by people who are all in the same place for the same reason where everyone shares a similar love for someone. Especially if it is one of your favorite artists, it can be something you have looked forward to for years. Some of the best concerts are the ones at the BB&T Pavillion where the tickets are only $15 and you barely even know who the artist is. I cannot wait to go to concerts again when the pandemic is finally over. 

  1. The first spring day where it’s actually warm outside and you can wear shorts for the first time that year

Winter can feel very long and dreadful most of the time, especially the months of January through March. After the long days of freezing cold days and the sun setting at 3pm, there’s always that one day in April or May when it finally gets warm outside and you can wear shorts. You and your friends all text each other and hang out to try to enjoy the warm weather you’ve been waiting for for months, and summer is finally on its way. 

  1. Honeygrow 

Honeygrow is my favorite restaurant because it always hits the spot no matter what I am in the mood for. They have amazing salads and stir frys as well as their honeybar if you have a sweet tooth. Everything is so filling and though it can be expensive, it’s most definitely worth it and never fails to satisfy my cravings. 

  1. Becoming friends with strangers 

Whether it be at parties, concerts, the beach or on vacation, becoming friends with new people is one of my favorite things to do. There are so many people in this world and we only get to meet the tiniest fraction of them, which makes me want to meet as many new people as possible and hear about their lives and similarities we may have. This was a lot easier before COVID, but I cannot wait until things go back to normal so I can become friends with new people again. 

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