Lindsey Chapman’s 10 Favorite Things

I have a lot of interests, so I guess that’s why my list has a big variety. This has definitely been a tough year for everyone, so it’s good to remind ourselves that there are still so many things I enjoy. This list was a strong reminder of all the good things that I still do have, and all of the things I have to look forward to once everything is back to normal.

  1. Longboarding

I bought a longboard in September on a total impulse, and I actually hid it in my car for the first few weeks because I knew my mom would get mad. She thinks they’re dangerous, and while she isn’t wrong, I love riding it. It’s so much fun and I can’t wait until I go to college and can ride it everywhere I go.

  1. My sister

My sister and I are best friends, and we did nearly everything together. Whenever I needed someone to do something with me, she was always right there. It was a tough transition when she moved away to college this year, but I managed until she came home for the holidays. We share many interests so we always have something to do or talk about.

  1. Cheerleading

I’m not sure why I like cheerleading considering that it brings me so much pain and frustration, and it never seems to end. Yet for whatever reason, the feeling of hitting a routine right when it matters most, of getting that new skill you’ve been perfecting for months, of winning that big title, just makes all of the suffering worth it.

  1. Reading

I got into reading when I was very little, when my sister and I would sit down with my dad and he would read us The Chronicles of Narnia. Ever since, I have been a big reader. Right now I am in a bit of a drought, but hopefully I will start another new book soon. Right now, my favorite book is Six of Crows, and my favorite graphic novels are One Piece and Vinland Saga. 

  1. Music

I live by my Spotify playlists. I have one for every mood, and every occasion. This is because I listen to music constantly. Homework? Music. Driving? Music. Chores? Music. Sitting alone with my thoughts? Music. Genre doesn’t really have an affect on my taste; I listen to pretty much anything: 70s rock, chill rap, 2000s pop. Tom Petty, Hozier, Lil Uzi, etc.

  1. Avatar: The Last Airbender

This is hands down my favorite show. I first watched Avatar when I was about eight, and no matter how old I get it stays entertaining and teaches good lessons. Watching this show is like going to therapy. I always feel better after watching an episode. From both an enjoyment standpoint and a writer’s standpoint, this show is a masterpiece, without question.

  1. Baking

Baking is a hobby of mine. It started with Christmas cookies when I was little and then spiraled from there. Now I bake cookies at Christmas, cupcakes on my birthday, and anything else whenever I can. I learned to decorate cupcakes when I was in middle school, and now whenever I make them, I like to decorate them to look the best they can.

  1. Diving

Whereas cheerleading is my death sport, diving is my relaxed and fun sport. In the summer I dive for a swim club, and am on a team with the same kids I’ve dove with since I was 9 years old. They’re my closest friends and I always miss them in the winter. Winter diving for the school is also fun though, because I have the best coach. He is fun, relaxed, and knows exactly what to say to help my diving. All I can do right now is hope I get to finish out my last season.

  1. My cats

I have two cats, and I love them both. I especially love when they sleep in my room at night, even though they make it way harder to get out of bed in the morning. They’re cuddly and fun, and even though one of them peed in my shoes once, I still love them.

  1. Minecraft

Minecraft is just so calming. No other game has helped me through quarantine like this one. You can just spend hours exploring, or building a nice house, whatever you want. With no explicit goal and no limit to the possibilities, you can just relax and do whatever you want, which I think is something everyone needs right now.

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