December 10, 2023

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AP Exam Registration Reminder

by GVHSJagJournal
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Although Garnet Valley is experiencing a wintry, cold January, it is important for students to not forget to sign up for Advanced Placement Exams. Despite the fact that these tests are not until May, it is imperative that students fill out the necessary forms and complete the requirements to register for their AP exams as soon as possible. AP Exam registration started on January 7th and will be continuing until approximately March 4th. The cost of each exam is $98.00, but nonetheless, it is greatly encouraged that students who are taking AP classes, especially those occurring in the spring semester, take the knowledge and analytical skills they have gained and apply them to these AP tests in order to earn various college credits and obtain further insight into the world around them. When completing the registration online at the link, it is important that students take the time to meticulously indicate the specific tests they are taking and teachers they had for those AP courses in order to have accurate handouts and forms on the test days.

One reminder for students who are taking AP classes in the first semester is to make to sure to continue studying and preparing for those AP exams throughout the spring semester in order to feel confident when May comes around. It is easy to procrastinate when studying for AP exams, especially when students are taking other challenging classes, but be sure to put ample time aside to prepare so that the AP exams go as smoothly as possible. If students have any questions concerning AP Exam registration, contact Mr. Salladino or schedule a guidance appointment with him.

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