Book Review: “Take Me There” by Carolee Dean

By Lizzy Blessley

We have all found ourselves falling for someone way out of our league, but so few of us actually make that feeling into a coherent piece of writing. Author Carolee Dean has made that feeling into a breathtaking story that is sometimes sexy, sometimes sad, and always intense. The story portrays a somewhat ordinary and stereotypical love story between a bad boy and good girl, but with the additional extraordinary thrill that will wrench your heart. Bad boy Dylan has a criminal record and knows that rich and gorgeous Jess is way too perfect for him; however, he hopes that she can see through his seemingly broken exterior to his heart of gold. Whether you see yourself as the seemingly-criminal Dylan who is looking for someone who can see through his flaws and into his pure heart, or as the sweet Jess who is a goodie goodie looking to come out of her shell, you will see yourself in this story you either want to love or have lived yourself. This novel touches upon family issues, friend issues, and trying to find one’s place in the world. I believe that the novel Take Me There will truly change your way of thinking and the perception of stereotypes in a world that constantly relies on them for descriptions of people.

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