December 6, 2023

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Garnet Valley High School

It is always exciting to get dressed up for a special event, and the moment is almost here. The Junior Prom for Garnet Valley High School is a fun, enjoyable experience that centers around glamorous dresses, dancing, and ultimate delight. Students are able to socially interact with their friends and faculty; additionally, they are able to have a nice, relaxing break from the stresses of school and college. Junior Prom is also a great photo opportunity for students and their parents, as the formal attire and spring weather make the event picture worthy and create unforgettable junior year memories.

This year, the date for Junior Prom is April 13th with the event located at the Springfield Country Club; the occasion is designated to occur from around 6:30pm to 10:30pm. About a week prior to prom, juniors can purchase tickets as well as fill out table forms to be able to sit with their friends; the ticket sales end on Friday, April 6th, so students who have not bought tickets yet must do so by that date.

Junior Prom is a wonderful high school experience that only happens once in each student’s life, so it is greatly encouraged that students at Garnet Valley High School participate in and support this spectacular event filled with friendship, fun, and laughter. If there are any specific questions regarding the upcoming Junior Prom, students can contact the Junior class officers.


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