How to Reduce Stress

By Sage Klingensmith


Stress: it’s dreadful. No one likes having i; it is constantly is bugging you. While working through basically anything, stress pops up and starts to slow you down. School creates a large amount of the stress that weighs down on the shoulders of students; we are constantly bombarded with homework, drama, tests, and quizzes, all of which can cause a sizable amount of stress. Your stress can appear in many ways, whether it is acne or headaches or possibly panic attacks, and some others have it worse. I am here to help with a few tips for preventing and getting rid of the stress weighing down on you, and preventing you from living carelessly and being relaxed. 


Realize the stressor. When you are stressed, there may be many components that are contributing to the problem. School is a BIG part of the equation for most students. To identify the thing that is stressing you out, think of what you need to do, and prioritize. If the project or homework assignment is not completed and you are feeling the need to finish it, it is most likely the factor that is contributing to the stress. Writing a list of what you need to do is always a helpful option.

Adjust your schedule. If you don’t have proper time management, it leads to a large amount of stress being put on you. You might not get done everything that needs to be done and your grades could drop. If you plan out your week and when you will do each project or homework assignment, then you are almost guaranteed to do what your standards require. Crossing something off your schedule certainly makes you feel a lot more productive.

Make time for yourself to relax. It is very important to get done your assignments and study hard, but making time to relax and unwind is also necessary. Doing something you love makes the day a whole lot more enjoyable. Going home and doing your homework with a reward of doing a fun activity makes your schedule more managable.


Stressing is something 99% of people experience; you’re not alone. Following simple steps that reduce your stress levels can help a tremendous amount, and potentially cut your stress in half!

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