By: Shasi Vadlamudi

STEM club has been making huge developments in their project and you really need to know about it. It affects all Garnet Valley students who use a car and plan on having one of their own in the future. Here’s a quick rundown on what it is and why it can drastically decrease carbon emissions caused by cars. Each week we will be updating recent developments in their project.

During the winter masses of people turn their cars on in their garage so the car can heat up and so their engine will stay in better condition. But when you turn on your car in your garage, the car releases Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxides, Sulphur Dioxide, and Hydrocarbons. Carbon monoxide especially is toxic and lethal for humans and when you turn on your car in your garage you are breathing in large amounts of carbon monoxide and the garage will be filled with lethal toxins. A solution to that is opening your garage door, but it’s not that simple. Opening your garage door doesn’t help at all. The MITInventeam in STEM club devised a way to prevent your garage from being filled with toxins and if you have a car you will definatly want to take a look at it.

They are building a system that allows you to take a tube and attach it to your car’s exhaust and release the gasses outside of your garage. The carbon monoxide will be released into a catalytic converter which will convert the carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide usable by plants. They are competing in the MITInventteam challenge and are in the midst of their design process. They are employing many aspects of engineering and have not built a prototype yet but plan on doing so in the future.

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