Stresses About Dresses: Advice About Choosing the Perfect Outfit for the Homecoming Dance

By Sebastian Morales

The homecoming season is coming up in October, and it’s that time of the school year when girls start to ask: “What dress am I going to get?” Such a topic is especially distinctive, as it has been igniting conversation and catfights on various social media platforms; there are so many options, yet one girl always has the same dress as her friend’s friend and oh god she looks so much prettier in it but she already claimed it. In short, it can be quite overwhelming.  Some have come to the conclusions that they don’t care about “feeling special” because other girls are getting the same dresses.  I interviewed a couple of GV students and one of their responses really stuck to me.

“I couldn’t find my style in any store and I had a vision of what dress I wanted. I’m convinced that everyone has different dress types to fit their personalities,” said GVHS junior Katie Monte. I decided to take a closer look at how hard the dress finding process really is. I followed junior Amy Delzingaro around for a day while she looked at many different options for a homecoming dress. She said she had some specific things she was looking for.

Dress Needs to Be:

  • Red
  • Not too revealing
  • Casual-looking

Through the dress hunting process, she discovered three dresses she liked. We went through the options to narrow down the best fit for her.

Option #1

Store: Nordstrom
Price: $199
Ruling: Too fancy; wanted a simpler look

Option #2

Store: Nordstrom
Price: $52
Ruling: Too revealing; want to be more modest

Option #3

Store: Nordstrom/ Bloomingdale
Price: $148
Ruling: Yes, it has everything desired

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