December 11, 2023

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Grammys Fashion: The Top and The Bottom

by GVHSJagJournal
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By: Mere Strickland

The grammys were last week and a lot happened. However, one of the major things on everyone’s minds were the LOOKS. This is a list of pieces I think we’re at the top and some that were at the bottom. Disclaimer: this is not ranked in a specific order, it is just the general top and bottom 4.

The Top 4:

  1. Violet Chachki

While she may be part of the entourage for Kim Petras and Sam Smith, Violet Chachki killed it in this mesh and layered dress. The low-cut heart shaped neckline paired with the high-slit is romantic and elegant. The overall design reflects more modern choices in fashion, while still taking its own spin. 

  1. Doja Cat

Doja knows exactly what she’s doing with this spectacular dress. The latex hugs her body nicely and really shows off her incredible curves. The mermaid design of the dress is one that’s a classic, yet she really adds in her own flair with this. Matched with her short black hair, this number is simple while still classy.

  1. Kayla Nicole

Honestly, I had no clue who Kayla Nicole was before this, but oh my god did she come in and slay. The neckline, lacing, even the beautiful shoulder piece, they all work together perfectly producing an ethereal gown. The skin showing is just the perfect amount as well, without it it wouldn’t be the same dress really. 

  1. Adele

Adele came, won, and ate while doing it. This piece isn’t entirely intricate yet it blows some of the other…outfits… out of the water. The velvet look and the lovely burgundy color makes this dress pop, even if it’s not the most spectacular piece on the carpet. The shoulder pieces too! They add in the dramatics without taking the dress over the edge.

The Bottom 4:

  1. Harry styles

This is just not it. It’s not flattering, it has weird patterns, and really it just needed something underneath to at the very least try and “save” it. It just doesn’t do anything for him and arguably Harry could have shown up in something so much better. With him being known as a fashion forward icon he is not showing it here.

  1. DOMi

Really, this is honestly just ugly. Different outfits have always been accepted, if not prized, on the Grammys carpet but it’s 100% a different story for this get-up. The plaid on plaid does her no good and the colors make it even worse. It could have been even just a bit better by scraping those blue plaid.. Pants? Socks? Bodysuit? I don’t even know.

  1. Darbury Stenderu and Krist Novoselic

Imagine being invited to one of the nicest awards show’s in the country and you show up as if you had just vomited all over yourself… The material, the color, it’s horrid. Those boots too? Literally it’s bad stacked on bad. Can’t say a lot about Novoselic, a basic suit like what almost every man that goes to the Grammys wears. 

  1. GAYLE

Not the worst on this list but far FAR from the best. The basics of the dress fail, the gradient isn’t as pronounced as it should be, the neckline does not give her any justice, and really it doesn’t flatter her figure at all. Even a simple fix like adding more gradient or having a heart neckline instead of a straight one would do so much more. Oh, and don’t get me started on that collar/ choker thing.

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